Rob Morgan

Rob Morgan


Product Owner and Solutions Architect specializing in mobile cloud computing, device security, and web-based database systems.

BS Computer Science, MS Human-Computer Interaction, Georgia Institute of Technology (North Avenue Trade School).


Activities (Past and Present)

- Product Owner, Mobile Secure: Cloud-based mobile device security and management at SAP

- Creator of numerous Internal business web and client-based database solutions
- Sybase Mobile Enterprise Technical Support
- Encore Park Alpharetta Amphitheater News and Information
- American Idol Pickem Game
- California Car Company * Graphic design by Jim Axelsson
- Facility Design Services
- The Weavery
- (version prior to current)
- Coventry Health Care
- Parallel and Distributed Simulation Research at Georgia Tech
- Survivor Pickem Game
- Library Scrape (new release automated notification)
- Amazon Price Check (Automated price check for Amazon purchases)
- more!



Relevant to anyone who has suffered through undergrad at Georgia Tech:


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